Sunday, August 24, 2014

It's been a while hasn't it?

Yeah, I completely dropped the ball on alot of stuff since last month, I apologize for not updating.

Since the storm and the loss of my car, and the chance of having to be forced out of my apartment, morale was at an all time low to do any sort of updating.  With constant monsoons threatening to take me down in the past few weeks, being around electronics wasn't safe.

Last Monday, I did however finally found a car within my budget to purchase, and even THAT was slightly flooded because weather hates me for some reason... but it still runs great, and that's what's important.  Not sure if or when I have to move out of my apartment, because my landlord isn't sure what she wants to do while they repair my apartment and I figured I'd wait to do any major work until all is said and finished.

My original plan was to make a vid blog, but I still need practice on talking without stuttering and find a better video editing program, and there wasn't much to talk about.  Work on Baxter's Venture DC and Pocket Venture have been pretty fruitless, I did however received a call from Nintendo about working with them as a dev, but I missed the call and left a couple voice mails in hopes something might work out.  It just looks like I've run into an avalanche of bad luck lately.

I'm going to try to find an older version of Sony Vegas, and figure a way to get FRAPS insanely large file sizes down while not sacrificing video quality like Movie Maker Studio does.  I could then at least get some gameplay footage up as I promised weeks ago.

Also, I've changed some stuff from GG-Works into Glendemonium, in hopes of starting my Youtube channel.  The hold up was that I was going to get a capture card, but the new game consoles on the market actually does that part for you with added mic input if you so desire...  so I was holding out, but despite having a car I'm back to square one again.  I'm thinking of just leaving GG-Works as my game label and Glendemonium as my Youtube name... just to keep things simple.  

Working on getting back on the horse now, not sure what I can do though.  Baxter's Venture DC is pretty much an uphill battle to get on Greenlight, way WAY more no votes than anticipated, so I'm still improving the graphics to make it look like an older 32-bit style game.  I need to find the right kind of support or try my luck at showing the game to Sony or Microsoft and see if I can get a dev kit of some kind, or maybe help on publishing it and splitting the revenue... though there is no reasonable way to port it at the moment.  As for PC, I'd say 90% of PC gamers solely use Steam, so selling your game outside that is pretty much a bad idea if you want to make some money.

I'm hoping the folks at Scirra would find a way to get a plug in so we can port and publish to the PS4 PSN store, though I have a feeling with Construct 2's format it's a very uphill battle.


Now, my youtube channel I had some ideas of original voice overs while playing gameplay footage.  One character is a snippy voiced stalker who's completely oblivious that he's stalking people who may or may of not tormented him in High School, most particularly a high school crush and her circle of friends.  It's a bit complicated of a story, but the jist of it is that he becomes a supervillain by the name of "The Revenger".  I'll be using random gameplay footage of games like Watch Dogs and upcoming GTAV for the new consoles where it's just random mucking about with hopefully hilarious consequences.  Think of the Monarch meets Professor Chaos with a dirty trench with a grudge against society.

Now, the hard part about this is that making the character not come out as super creepy, due to the recent shootings we had this year and parts of last, I don't know the comfort level of how people feel about a character with delusional issues if they've been in that situation.  People on the internet are super sensitive on this type of subject matter, which is a shame because there's just so much comedic material to go on.  Perhaps I need to rework his character into that of a typical Alex Jones watching, anti-government fanatical hippie... meh, I'll figure something out.

Another character is none other than Baxter himself playing videogames in his quest to become a better mascot, so there may be some skits involved if I feel like making them.

I wanted to do one for Destiny, but I've hit a snag.  Most of my crewmates own 360s, two own a One with one of them starting to go over to PS4 and I'm still indecisive (and broke as hell) on what to get.  I'll be playing on 360 just to play with my friends and probably solo on PS4 if characters don't carry over... which is a shame as I'd rather play on the new machines but many of us still can't afford them with all our adult responsibilities coming first.

Whew, that is about all I can muster.  I wanted to make a video, but things aren't working out for me right now so I need more time and practice, until then, ciao!