Sunday, September 21, 2014

Final Testing Phase (again)

Good evening, just dropping a line to say that I'm still testing Baxter's Venture DC due to some more bugs i've ran into today.  Thankfully they're all minor.

Now the good news is that I'm going to try and get this game on Scirra's game store in the next few days if all goes to plan. I want to move on to my next project, which I've already been doing concept art for.

I'm not one to make big announcements without something to show for, but it looks like I'm leaning towards Unity for my next game, despite the lack of programming knowledge which is my biggest deterrent.  Game Maker for all the work it's has been done to it... that you can start porting games to the latest Playstation and soon Xbox One, I'm worried that Game Maker's "unique" tools would be far too buggy.

Unity is widely supported on ALL platforms, because it's coded in C#, my problem is with my abysmal budget I'll only be able to make PC games and have to pay a very expensive fee to port to other consoles.

GameMaker's PS4 export requires you to be a Playstation developer, I'm assuming the same will be for Xbox.  There is no Wii U support, yet, but I hope that comes soon.

I need to get this in gear, because now that I'm a Wii U developer, I need to produce.  I've learned that despite Construct 2 has a Wii U plugin, the original creator seemingly abandoned it to a third party and I have yet to receive it, on top of that I need a development kit which is a bit shy of a couple grand.  I've also learned that Wii U doesn't support HTML5 entirely, like WebGL so your game would have to be minimalist as possible... which is a shame.  So no chance on producing something equivalent to Shovel Knight or AVGN adventures.

And that is why I'm looking at Unity.  I think I'm ready to tackle on a 3D game, a small scale game though.  Otherwise I could be looking at YEARS of development.  In the past couple of years I've watch the indie scene from a distance while making my game and noticed that if I went back in time, I should of made Baxter's Venture pixel art, with some interesting gimmick.  However, I noticed that increasingly more people are getting fed up with pixel art/retro style aesthetic that's all too common with indie devs, it is a niche market after all, since the current gaming generation grew up with Playstation and N64 games they'd probably prefer to see 3D looking titles.

Minimalist survival horror and ragdoll simulators are getting a lot of attention now, but side scrolling 3D games can still turn some heads.  I need to keep the concept simple since it's being an uphill battle, so I'd like to create a linear 3D adventure game where you have to go from level to level.  I'm thinking along the lines of Sonic Adventure minus the HUB world and extra friends.  Just you, some three acts per level, and boss rooms.  The 3D aspect would be great for exploring since I tend to have a scorekeep for when you beat the game you get what ending.  So I guess the hard part is building the engine first, then making the game... but I plan to try to get funding for this game via patreon.


Oh, Destiny is addicting, at least until you're decked out in Legendary/Exotic and waiting for the next expansion.  Also, looking forward to Final Fantasy Type 0 for FFXV demo!  


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