Sunday, March 15, 2015

Some tidbits

Baxter for Super Smash Bros!  (At least an assist trophy.)

...once again, I dare to dream.

For starters, new title screen!
New logo and name change.  I had to debate this for a while, since it bears the same name as the old vanilla version on Desura, this is a remake and while it is a "Director's Cut" the game is a true adventure title.

The old title card is part of the intro cutscene, which makes sense since it still explains why you start out at the carnival act.  Also, I like how the background doesn't distract from the title and interface like the old one did, and the "Lucky Sack" is resting on the Director's Cut indicating the change in story compared to the old game.

Also worked on some small animations, like a space bar prompt for certain Act 3 parts and tokens pop above your head when you acquire them now.
Promoting this game has fared pretty tough, I can understand people's reluctance to play this due to the art style and all.

It's a shame, but I'm going to pester the press again until I get a bite.  On the good side is that I've secured a paid email address to get on NeoGaf.  It's a great place to get exposure and feedback since it's a very well known forum for devs and gamers alike.  

I want to try Kotaku or Polygon, but the kind of gaming news they cover I don't think a simple mascot platformer would be a priority unless there's some kind of buzz surrounding it.  Maybe this week I'll attempt at setting up a new press kit and see what happens.  It's a pain when you're too poor and work at a place where it's hard to take time off to do the convention thing to gain attention.

Oh well, back to the grind!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

WARNING: Huge animated GIFs

Working on some gifs.

Seems to be a trend among showing off parts of games these days, so I found a converter that converts clips into gifs.  Hope to one day spot this on NeoGaf, haha!