Sunday, May 17, 2015

Okay, I'm on to something now.


Just thought I'd drop a line to show a little bit of progress.  Last week I started character sprites for the protaginist for an action game.  He looked a bit Mortal Kombatesque and ended up scrapping it.

Second design which isn't shown was a more modern setting, a throwback to my defunct XNA project that never got off the ground.  It was going to be a throwback to River City Ransom where you fight a mad pastor of a megachurch who managed to lift a portion of a state into the sky gradually getting higher and higher, because he believes they'll be in Heaven once they die in space.  It was a game where I mostly poke fun at right wing stereotypes, racists, republicans and the kind of a-holes that use Christianity and the Bible as an excuse to be smug stuck up SOBs that believe they're above being called out for doing wrong...  

Sorry, got off on a tangent there.

It started to become more of a personal grudge of mine I'd LOVE to poke fun at, but I have to remember that this has to be more than just a civilian vs evil religious cult.  Maybe I could do the bounty hunter angle.  Since in his world, law enforcement has become some sparse that bounty hunting/mercenary became a big deal in that day and age.

Geo's personality is cold, reckless, witty, and holds a grudge over the way he was treated in the past so he has a bit of a cynical demeanor.  He desires to live a carefree life, but despises the kind of people who take advantage of others... like a mad pastor hell bent on sacrificing thousands of people in hopes of getting into heaven.  His backstory gets darker, but I wont spoil it.

He works for a former Spec Ops trainer who runs a small bounty hunting business with a techie, a unreliable female hunter with a hot streak.  I have plans for the ending thanks to Suicide Squad influence.  Geo hunt's small fry rednecks and KKK wannabes and turns them in for a decent profit... which made him more money than his day job.  The mad pastor hunt will be his ticket into the big leagues, and a personal grudge he has to settle.

OOH  here is the design:

My re-re-redesign.  And good timing since I was on a Contra kick lately watching some old vids.  Hard Corps actually implemented alternate routes, which will also be a thing for this game since there are optional targets for you to hunt... with some hidden targets as well. 

I also like the animated look.  Remember this sprite is enlarged, so the real thing will be smaller... depending on the size of your monitor.

Working for a former Spec Op member granted him access to his suit and weapon.

Here's hoping I'll have a level done before the week is out.


Unless Prison of Elders keep's me distracted...  but stay tuned!

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