Sunday, June 14, 2015

Baxter's Venture Director's Cut has been officially greenlit for Steam!

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I must say this has been a great weekend.  I'd like to take a moment to thank all you supporters out there who wanted to see the game succeed and followed my endeavors.

Right now I'm still going back to keep my OCD at ease making sure this game has no issues with it, of course with any game there will be flaws, but hopefully not game breaking ones... I didn't see any and the ones that I have saw were fixed on the spot.  There were some more tweaks like animations, and changing areas that wont lag you like the main hub.

This week I plan on uploading the game to steam.  I've checked out if there are any possible way to add achievements, at the moment it doesn't like there is anyway to add them to Construct 2 until after I download some things and only after I get accepted so it doesn't leave me with much time to implement.  I want to see if I still need a plug in or just upload the game and add them later.

Either way this is a big day for GGWorks, and I'm thankful to share it with everyone.


In other news, Fallout 4 releases this year, November 10!  Bethesda showed a very expansive demo of the game including customisable weapons AND armor!  Also a fortress you can make!  This is going to be much bigger than Skyrim... probably bigger than FFXIV, and I couldn't be happier.