Saturday, August 8, 2015

Playstation fans need to chill.

Before I continue

"casts Flameshield"

Now then.  E3 has come and went over a month ago.  Gamescom just finished if I recall.  There was quite the presentation for upcoming Xbox One games, namely Scalebound, Quantum Break, and Crackdown 3.

Crackdown 3 was shown as a demo utilizing the cloud structure, once used as a laugh among gaming fans as one of many bad presses for Microsoft since the Xbox One's launch.  Now has shown an amazing level of detail in multiplayer destruction using the cloud's ability to store data online and allows for high levels of rendering detail.

In short, particles actually break into individual pieces without slowing the system down... and this was pre-alpha footage.  The amount of detailed destruction was far beyond what few games have produced, mainly Red Faction Guerrilla that's being touted around alot.

Shortly after, message boards exploded with the same console fanboys going at each others throats over how this may or may not give Xbox One that much needed edge over the PS4.  Though from my perspective it seems more of the PS4 fans saying "W-well, so fucking what, it's no big deal, it's still a shitty console because it's Microsoft!"  or "That's nothing, Sony makes bank with PS4 so it's not like they can't do it too!" With chosen posters posting what they call "facts and math" to assure the WORLD that the PS4's dominance can not be challenged ever, like unwitting peasants ensuring the masses the one true console king will forever stay on its throne uncontested because heresy.  It's like when something good happens to anything Xbox, the Playstation Defense Force will swoop down to remind us of it's mediocrity and we should feel bad for picking the less-than-stellar console, y'know because Microsoft.

And we thought PC snobs were bad.

It used to be the running gag among gamers that Micorsoft is this eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil greedy corporation that's out to ruin gaming.  Some morons try to make the same argument for Sony's Playstation back in the 90s.  Last gen the 360 practically dominated western, I SAID WESTERN KNEE-JERK REACTIONISTS, market while PS3 eventually managed to get a leg up in Europe and obviously Japan because, well Japan.  Now, PS4 is dominating the home console market by a very large margin while Xbox is in a distant second. 

Playstation fans love to remind anyone who likes the Xbox One that it's a second place console, similar to PC Master Racers reminding console gamers we wasted 400 dollars on a black box that can't run 4k.  

They hate on Xbox One:

  • because it can't do 1080p third party.  
  • because it used to be the more expensive console, 
  • because it can't get very many Japanese third parties to support it
  • because Microsoft is an evil greedy corporation that wants to spy on us
  • because Microsoft
  • because of the parity clause, because of Call of Du... Oh, that went Playstation focused?  Nevermind!
My point is the one good thing that's actually very impressive for the technology involved that isn't from the "chosen console" is shunned upon because Xbox One owners were happy with something that the Playstation doesn't have.  I haven't seen ONE Xbox One owner starting a flame war with the Playstation campground... no, it's the other way around, they starting coming to threads and just pouring salt(metaphor for hate) all over the place.

In fact, many threads taking POSITIVE about anything Xbox or Microsoft is met with a sea of salty negativity as if we shouldn't even consider it at all.  

For example, moneyhatting a third party exclusive.  When Microsoft does it, they're EVIL, they're the cancer to the gaming industry, they're what's wrong with gaming today, blah, blah, blah.  When Sony does it... they're fucking heroes.  Not a lot of bitching went on when they money hatted Street Fighter V, Shenmue, or Final Fantasy (XI and 13 did appear on the 360)... or Metal Gear.

The bias is strong, and god forbid you point it out.  It's like throwing a rock in Legion Territory, you'd be lucky if you make it out alive.  I'm not denying that the Playstation 4 offers the best of gaming right now, just pointing out the sheer childishness to the arguements.

Also, lately Microsoft has been doing much changing to try and make amends for the negative press they had since the Xbox One's reveal.  Every step they take however gets met with much cynicism to out right denial.  People tend to forget how cocky Sony and the Playstation were when PS3 was announced... $600 dollars remember?  I should know, I was dumb enough to buy one at that price!

Some huge net positives for Microsoft as of THIS YEAR:

  • Backwards compatibility FOR PHYSICAL COPIES (save your games on the cloud first kids)
  • Releasing Rare from Kinect Duty
  • Rare Replay
  • Scalebound, from the makers of Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising
  • Announcing a far more diverse line-up of games that AREN'T all FPS and Sports.
  • A Battletoad in Killer Instinct!
  • Future streaming capabilities with Windows 10, which is a boon for gaming channels
  • Adding keyboard and mouse support... MMOs incoming?  

We have Sunset Overdrive, one of the funnest games from 2014 that's a colorful open world platformer.  That was a start.  People are so neck deep in bias against Microsoft they don't want to even acknowledge that they're TRYING... and that makes me very disappointing at people in this hobby.

Before you label me a fanboy, at least try to hear me out.

I've gamed since the atari 2600 and the NES.  I've grown with the industry and my tastes have changed.  I chose to purchase an Xbox One to play with friends and to get Sunset Overdrive.  Also, my positive reception with the 360 let me to this... I got the system without the kinect and it was 20 bucks cheaper.

Trust me, I had a nasty case of PS4 envy.  But as I spend time going over exclusives for both systems... Xbox One has the better lot for now, and now is what's important.  I'll probably end up with a PS4 later down the line, but there are no must have's I'm interested in.

I've played Last of Us, and Second Son felt very rushed and short.  God of War didn't interest me much either.  Uncharted, as cool as it is, felt more like an on rails action game that lost me in the second game.  Also, my anime phase has long since dissipated.  I'm not interested in the otaku catered franchises many hold dear... they just don't click with me.  Guilty Gear maybe... but I dunno.  Sucks that I'll miss out on Dragon Quest but last one I played put me to sleep, like with Suikoden 3.

I blame Bethesda RPGs for spoiling me with an open world RPG where I immerse myself with a character you can make.  I could care less for Halo and Gears, but Destiny I could get into.  Not a racing or sports fan either... so you'd think I should of picked the PS4 for better third party right?  Probably.

But, Sunset Overdrive was the dealbreaker.  There's nothing like that on Playstation... unless there was a sequel that's multiplat, I wouldn't be surprised since the same thing happened to Saints Row.  Scalebound looks very impressive and Crackdown will help with the Saints Row itch.  Quantam Break reminds me of the combination of Infamous meets Watchdogs so I'll give it a go.  Killer Instinct and I go way back.

Personally it's very hard for me to justify owning two gaming consoles where 10% of it's library are exclusives.  And from where I'm sitting, Microsoft's offerings entice me more than what Playstation has to offer... that's just this consumers opinion.

I wish fans would just live and let live and not get so defensive because the "lesser" console has some new toys to play with.  You guys are in the far lead with some games coming out two years from now, be thankful companies flock to your console and not be so smug about it when others aren't so fortunate.

This isn't the Microsoft from 2013 you're dealing with anymore.  Times change.

That's all.