Saturday, April 9, 2016

E3 Predictions 2016

*blows dust off*

Wow, I neglected this again.  

Okay, straight to the point.  Each year I like to predict the outcome of E3.  Pointless, yes!  But it's a fun little game for me so deal with it.  I'm being lazy so here is a copy/paste of what I posted in no particular order:

This will serve as a bingo card for me to see how many of these I get wrong... ahem.  Other than that, I'm feeling unusually optimistic.  Perhaps the old Nintendo fanboy in me is trying to break out of my head, I have to remind myself how I've felt about the WiiU and how my hype has deflated.

As many of you might know, the WiiU has been officially discontinued production later this year: 

That's four years folks, since it's debut in 2012... late 2012 mind you.  The console had potential for something great, started out with stronger third party support (though it was ports of then current gen games) it fizzled out within months, watching every AAA dev jump ship one by one.  The biggest issue being that it's woefully under powered compared to the One and PS4, even though first party titles RUN AT 1080p AND BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE FROM THE START WITH Wii GAMES wasn't enough to convince the now millennial mainstream gamers to hop on.  While I think 12 million units sold worldwide isn't BAD, compared to the 100mill of the Wii it's was hard to justify that the console has issues.  It's online infrastructure, while better than the Wii was a bit behind the times compared to its competitors... though you can stream Youtube and Hulu... just no voice chat... but considering the current online ecosystem of gamers, it can get uncomfortable to say the least.

I'd say, make it optional like Destiny.  The game functions GREAT without it.  Who wants to hear a bunch of try hards scream at you for screwing up, honestly the Crucible was probably the most fun I've had in mulitplayer.

Nintendo had a rough year in 2015, with the loss of Iwata and shareholders demanding a shift in focus at least the 3Ds was able to sustain them.  Japanese game companies are almost abandoning home consoles in favor of smartphone and pachinko.  Once former gaming giants Capcom and Konami are pretty much embracing this.  Miraculously however SNK has come back from the dead with one more console release.  Perhaps they realize smartphone money isn't all it's cracked up to be?  Rovio knows for sure.

They were also full of surprises, and really going so far to please fans in the form of Smash bros.  I mean, who would of thought Cloud freaking Strife of all people would show up in a Nintendo game.  I mean, we were satisfied with Snake, Mega man, Pacman, and Sonic as part of the fray... we also got Bayonetta and Street Fighter's Ryu.  Link is also playable in Mario Kart 8.

Square has shown much interest in the NX, they're even considering porting the newest Dragon Quest and FFXIV over if it proves it can handle it... here's hoping.  I sure hope they know what they're doing this time around.  You got me to play Wind Waker, a game I've ignorantly shunned back in it's original debut but now I enjoyed every moment of it.


As for Sony and Microsoft, I get the feeling VR will be the centerpiece of both conferences.  Especially Microsoft.  While MS has gotten better at showcasing games, they just can't resist showing off new theoretical technology that most of us probably can't afford.  I've sort of checked out of Microsoft camp since getting the PS4 so there won't be much holding my interest sorry to say.

Sony will have more to show, mostly games from other companies with their biggest reveal being God of War 4 thanks to the leak.  I'd kill for a new Infamous, and I'm sure Uncharted 4 will be awesome, most gamers seem to be salivating for Dark Souls 3... guess I never got into it but I'll have to rent it or something to see what the hype is about.  

Square will show off even MORE trailers for FF7 remake, which has fans cautiously optimistic since it will draw influence from FFXIII... let that sink in.  FFXV will have more things to show off, and another trailer for KH3 which still won't have a release date because Nomura hates us so... or it'll have a Star Wars segment which will PISS off the fanboys, and I'll be laughing heartily at all of it.

Oh, one more thing...

How awesome would this be?  Konami isn't going to make a MGS game for a long time, and you might be able to work something out with Konami.  You could make a lot of money if this came to pass.  Metal Gear fans will love you.

Until next time!