Monday, May 9, 2016

Webcomic barnstorming, I mean brainstorming!

So, lately... I've got the itch.  

An itch I haven't' felt in literally YEARS.  Been on a crazy drawing kick lately, perhaps my game time is dwindling down a bit or I've managed to find time but I've had some crazy funny ideas pop in my head and I've jotted every single one down.

Now what I'm torn on is, I've been into gaming for years.  Wanted to try my hand at a gaming centric comic.  As I got older however, my hobbies have expanded thanks to bored days on the internet.  At my age, gaming webcomics just don't do it for me anymore... I want a little more story, a little bit pop culture here, little bit slice of life tomfoolery there.  I want to poke fun at all the negative shit that plagued me for years living in Dumpwater (not it's real name), Arizona.  Poking fun at the hypocritical Christians, and racists, and people-so-full-of-themselves.  Poking fun at both sides of the political spectrum of unreasonable supporters.  I still want to do stuff related to videogaming, but it's not going to be the main focus... just a decent chunk of it is.  I want to make fun of all the crazy stuff I've seen on the internet and social media because I've missed out on some juicy stuff these past few years.

Okay, so that sounded alot like South Park, but hear me out.

Thing is, doing both is the difficult part.  My limited time right now won't allow me to do both styles, so I'm trying my damndest to do BOTH without taking away much.  Some people like one page jokes and gags and DESPISE story arcs, while some readers are the opposite.

When I was in the CCA, it was easy to release a full comic that pretty much got the job done and in a few months, I'd release another one.  When I did Beatrush Plus, and I'm admitting this:  I let the damn thing drag to the point where I lost interest.  I did Beatrush Plus to somehow try to differentiate myself from "That Guy Who Does Tifa Comics" but it failed.  Fans didn't want non-Tifa comics, and I didn't want to do crossover comics anymore.  Overtime I got stuck finishing college and wanted to get into making games professionally.  So my comic making days were over.

Which didn't exactly pan out, save for a couple indie games.

Over the past few months, I've been reading comics and trying to rekindle some long lost love for drawing.  I think since the end of highschool began what I call the "demoralizing and discouragement" of my passion for art.

Story goes as thus,

I was that tubby high schooler that watched way too many adult cartoons and played too many videogames.  Simpsons, Ren and Stimpy, Critic, DBZ (Ocean Dub), and needless to say... while it was fun.  Did these chicken scratch comics with a cat character and his friends, and some oddball spinoffs.  Drawing was probably early Beavis and Butthead Tier.  Did it from my sophomore year to senior, made some great friends doing it and people got a kick out of it.  

Then hormones took over... ooooh boy.  I was dumb enough to try and impress one I thought liked me but even she started shunning my comics.  Then, people who used to read them shunned them... and over time before graduation people actually made fun of my newfound passion.  Most of my followers were either graduated or dropped out, and It was back to the lone nerd status quo.

So... the dream died until my early 20s.  I did these dumb gaming themed crossover comics which I trashed because they were done in colored pencil on lined paper.... yeah... don't ask.  Started doing chariactures at work which got lots of attention.  Then the internet was fairly early so I started webcomics with Person Man... and ill fated work of trying to make it into print media, which was tough as balls to get in unless you were a somebody.  My boss at the time had these grand schemes of wanting to be a big shot... but here's the thing.  He wanted to be the "writer" and I'd be the one doing all the work.  I seem to attract these guys.  
I knew that guy was a slouch, but didn't have the spine to tell it to his face.  People would promise me that they'd help me get successful with my art, remember what I said earlier about people full of themselves?  Bigshotter in a small town attitude.  

I did run into the Crossover Comic Archive about a year or so later, because I really liked the ease of doing photoedited comics.  I'd use my handdrawn works for it eventually... but OH GOD I never realized how horrid my scanned colored pencil/markered arts looked.  But It gave me a boatload of popularity for years... or maybe because I was dumb and tried to rant about why Tifa and Cloud weren't meant to be or some dumb shit, ugh... I hate 23 year old me.

The fun ended when I tried dating...

Did you know that most potential mates think a cartoonist is a loser's profession?  I sure as hell didn't.  I thought that was a thing Jon Arbuckle has to deal with, but nope.  Dumpwater was such a small town, if you weren't white, mega educated, already making 40k in some glorified desk job profession, Christian (the fake kind) and came from a nice family your dating prospects were pretty much nil.  Something about my generation became hella stuck up compared to the millennials.  Say what you want about them, at least they're way more fun to talk to than your average rat racer.

I mean if you had standards that is.  Next thing I knew work became High School 2.0 for me.  Another subject I'm going to ENJOY poking fun of because how most of those people turned out today. (HAHAHAH, ehem.)

Now that I look at it, between this, my crummy home life, and school time for making comics pretty much died.  I thought Beatrush Plus would get me some kind of popularity but man... even if it was an original idea the execution was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.  Too many JRPGs influenced character designs.

Then came the crushing defeat, towards the end of my jaunt at the Art Institute, one class had us contact... yes, contact, various artists to be mentors.  It was vague as hell and the facilitators had no fucking clue how we were supposed to do it so I went ahead and emailed a guy.

Biggest mistake ever.  

Maybe he thought he was being helpful, but the cruel kind of helpful.  I recall working really really hard on a life drawing twice.  He wanted me to keep repeating it until it looks exactly like the photo... he also started asking me some wayward questions.  Came off as a bit pretentious, then again who was I to talk as I was the same way.  

After that, my interest in drawing has died.  Until now.

Okay story over, so the dilemma is that I can't decide if I want to do one page jokes, stories, or both... I have funny ideas for stories.  Maybe do some one shots, and do a story arc and interrupt it with one shot gags here and there.

Meh, I'll figure it out.  But first... daddy needs a new drawing tablet!

Take care and thanks for listening to this man's rant, you earned a cookie.