Monday, May 1, 2017

Creeper High on Amazon, out now!

Did I also mention I'm horrible at marketing?

Free for Kindle Unlimited: Creeper High for Kindle

And out on paperback: Creeper High paperback

     So yeah, I guess you could say I'm an author now.

It's been a long time coming, my former game idea turned into a book.  Would you consider calling it a novel?  I dunno but I hope people enjoy reading it, or not.

Not much else to say on the matter, other than the journey involved.  Took me around six months to complete, barring real life interruptions.

Speaking of real life interruptions...

     I'm being forced out of my apartment.  My landlord decided to jack up all her tenants rent around $200-$250 a month.  It's a shoddy two-bedroom apt with a swamp cooler, you know those things that don't work as good as an A/C.  Yes, in low pop slums like where I live people still treat swamp coolers as a luxury.  They're not worth the yearly upkeep anymore.

    So this week I'm starting apt hunting.  Doesn't help I'm being forced into jury duty selection this Thursday, but there is a small chance it may not happen and may reschedule... so I hope because I do not need this right now.  Can't even postpone my student loan payments to make some of the deposits so there's another thorn on my side but such is life.


     Okay, no more complaining about life, there's some ideas I'm toying with.  Need some new goals.  For starters, I'm getting back into learning how to code web pages.  Eventually, I want to move all my blogs on a main website.  I've learned HTML years ago, but work wasn't very plentiful, same with graphic design.  Then again, this is Arizona, they're purposely behind the times when it comes to technological advancement.  Heck, even Texas knows when to shape up and they're the trademark "redneck" state so what the heck, AZ?  Where I'm at now, I've done much CSS and learning Javascript.  I want to get as many front end frameworks to a comfortable level before starting back end.

     On top of the coding, I've been starting up ideas for my youtube channel.  It's NOT going to be a gaming channel, but I will talk about games from time to time.  After all, gaming has always been a large part of my life and will continue to be for as long as possible.  It's more or less a glorified vlog with some other content to get in on the algorithm.  Youtube is changing the game where the more videos put out, with more views tend to be what they are aiming for.  It sounds ambitious, but when you think about it, three-four vlogs that are then minutes long isn't too bad... if you like raw unedited rants and raves.  I have much to rant and rave about.  

     I wouldn't mind doing some kind of gimmick though, like some animated cutaways in the videos with my corny voices for the characters.  Windows Movie Maker probably won't allow much customization, so maybe I can find a free or a cheap and easy video editing knockoff to use.  I'm planning to have at least an intro video by this weekend or sooner, but life is kicking me in the groin right now.

Wish me luck!


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