Monday, May 8, 2017

Dragonball fandom in an uproar. SPOILER!!! You've been warned.

Okay, first off, yes, I'm an aging geek.  Used to be ashamed of it, but I'm not the obsessive freak out nerd of my 20s (And thank God for that), because my crossover comic archive days I can be a bit of a monster when it comes to expressing personal opinion (sometimes as fact, ick.)

Anyway, there is a SPOILER...

You've been warned...

Episode 93, as Masako X points out, talks about Freeza making yet another return as a potential character for the upcoming tournament of power arc.

If you've been living under a rock, let me give you a taste on how Goku and Frieza treat each other:

So yeah, bitter doesn't even describe this age old rivalry.  The backlash is that fans are upset that they're choosing to potentially bring Freeza back, again.  The video was a remastered version of the first fight.  They duked it out again in the 2015(?) movie Resurrection F.  I can share their frustration, but the dynamic could make things interesting.  Goku doesn't see Freeza as so much as an enemy since they fought, but a strong opponent to fight.  

I mean, this is the same guy who gave a sensu bean to Cell while Cell is fighting his own son.  Yeah, not exactly father or the year.  The spoiler entails Fortuneteller Baba, the old lady on the crystal ball rarely seen, to bring Freeza back for 24 hours to participate in the tournament.  Though right now speculation says this may not be a permanent thing and it's just a filler for some wacky hijinks.

Lets be real though, Freeza is a popular villain. And the dynamic would be interesting if Freeza were to agree, though working with Goku would make him throw up in his mouth.  Then again this is Toriyama's world. 

Dragonball Super gave us quite the change in Vegeta's character overall, a once ruthless and savage warrior now a dancing, powerful warrior who takes part in some gags.  May seem out of character for many "purists" but the more he has been settling down on Earth with his family he's become much more tame and not so dismissive of others like he was with well, everyone even during Buu.  End of Z we got a relaxed version of him before the final tournament arc.  I'd say this is a transition phase.

I'm only bringing this up because, well, I have a small feeling Toriyama might experiment with turning Freeza into something of an anti-hero since Vegeta's sorta lost that moniker.  Freeza is all about self-interest and getting his way, though after his second defeat at the hands of Goku perhaps that might start to change, a little.  Like tolerate Goku and become bitter towards him as Vegeta was, or is, I dunno it's hot and cold there.

Of course I could be wrong and Freeza uses this as a way to turn against his old nemesis and joins forces with Frost or something.

Honestly, Freeza would be a bad pick.  Cell would enjoy the challenge more, not sure if he'd still hold a grudge against Gohan and maybe Cell did some training in hell?  Who's to say.

Either way Episode 93 will be something to watch.

That's the end of my geeking out for now.

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