Saturday, May 27, 2017

Etsy Store Grand Opening!


I'm taking another plunge, and opened up an Etsy store!  It's mainly just digital prints, but it seems to be the most popular online store next to Amazon for merchandise.  So far twelve prints are available for purchase, some you may have seen on my TeePublic store.

Speaking of which, I may need to find another Tshirt store.  Prices on my prints are actually lower than I expected, the store keeps most of the profit.  It's like a 15% - 85% split, not sure if I want to keep going with that, so I'll be searching other avenues.

Tomorrow, I'll work on setting up a clip art and photo store and start publishing stock art.  I have a few good quality photos I could use.  Those who've done it for a good year have already seen some good results.  Even if it's a few hundred dollars, it's better than none.


In some personal news, I may have found a place and I'll be starting the moving process in the first week of June.  My landlord doesn't know it, but she's anticipating everyone leaving after her rent hike. I'm hoping I won't have to hear the pitter patter of energized children in the apartments next to me, but that's apartment life for you.


I'm hoping once my side hustles start making me some dough, I can ease my life stress by leaving my current job and take a small paycut working somewhere else.  It would be real nice to not NEED the job, but that's not being realistic, especially when you need health and dental insurance... especially in this rip-off of a country.

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