Monday, May 15, 2017


Hello faithful readers, or those stumbled on to my page thanks to a link or suggestion.

So the weekend I did some practice runs on some videos.  Quality is pretty bad, but I did get a Wario impression out of it.

Actually, the reason I'm making a blog post is that I came on an idea that I'm working on at this moment.

So remember how I kept talking about my lost passion for drawing and graphic art?  Well I may of found and outlet that was right under my nose.  And that's merchandising.  I'm talking T-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, even small posters.  One of my old time past times was just making up logos and silly cartoons.

Before merch became mainstream, you had to go through a lot of red tape to get your prints out to the public, as in retail had total control and you were told what to make.  Now, the ball is in our court, and it all depends if the customer wants to buy it.  I've submitted a request to Amazon Merch, and it may be some time before getting an approval.  So, yeah its "e-commerce" but I didn't know the full meaning of it until recent.

Next I'm looking at Spreadshirt and CafePress.  Going to design some prints, maybe dig out some old stuff and rework it into something neat and see what happens.  I'll probably have to start a website, though it will link out to the sites, but I don't think a blog is going to cut it, so I'll be keeping all my info on social media.  Facebook will probably be the best place for it until I have something more central.

Yeah, the T-shirt market is oversaturated a bit, it's not as bad as Youtube, but I've had plenty of experience having some works stand out, it's all about knowing your audience, what's trending, and carving out niches.  Or maybe just have something that catches their eye.

That being said, I'm going to sign up for a couple places and get working on some prints!

Wish me luck.

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