Friday, May 12, 2017

Gearing for the weekend.

All right.  Last weekend, had some real world distractions keeping me from some short term goals.

This weekend, I'm going to practice making some videos.  One thing that stopped me dead in my tracks was hearing the sound of my voice.

Yeah, that's my rather stuffy, nasally voice.  Thought it was just bad audio with the mic, you know how those fast food speaker boxes muffle the teller's voice?  Unfortunately, this is what everyone else hears when I speak.

I think when did this video, my posture was bad and also I'm breathing through my chest and not my diaphragm.  I'm also sounding half asleep, maybe a little too focused.  I'll try some takes standing up, perhaps a means to perk myself up and sound a little more excited.  It's going to take some work.

Another issue I ran into when scripting is that I had no real clue what kind of channel to do.

Youtube has categories: Gaming, Drama, Educational and some of these are tougher to monetize, especially since many ads were pulled a month ago.  (I think some have came back?).  I'm a bit removed from the gaming scene, but always keep up with the news.  Thing is gaming channels are done to death like webcomics.  Game enthusiasts can only hold so many subs.  Also I ask myself, do people want to watch a middle aged man that no one has heard of play or talk about videogames?  I'm no Boogie2988, Markiplier, or ReviewTechUSA.  The gold rush of nabbing early adopters in gaming have passed so you have to have that special something to start getting views.

Also, gaming is a niche.  A large niche, but a niche nonetheless.  Not everyone is a gamer.  I'm slowed down my hobby in favor of pursuing other interests, like developing indie games, book writing, coding, even rekindling my long lost fondness for drawing silly cartoons. I can still do a video here and there about gaming, just as long as it's not the main focus.

What interests me more is just... talking about stuff, and helping those in similar situations or people that can relate.  I've had a rather "unique" life, but I don't want to make it all about that, but rather entertain it in a way that others can enjoy.   At this point, I'm going to throw some darts and see what sticks.

Also, yes I'm going to open up a Patreon (internet tip jar.), and a little affiliate marketing.  I'm not expecting fast results, Youtube is a gradual challenge as long as you trust the process and stick with it.  So far I've managed to finish college, an indie game, a long time webcomic archive, and a book so far.  This might be the next step.

We'll see what happens!

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