Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I'm selling prints!

Okay, yeah, it's a gig that many, MANY people are doing right now.  

Though I'm kicking myself not thinking of this sooner, then again, there weren't very many design-your-own stuff outlets way back when during college, or I was totally clueless about it.  

I started selling my own prints on and have four unique high quality pronts uploaded so far.  I'm dabbling in work/student themed apparel and I'll make my way over to gaming, then inspirational, and whatever else tickles my fancy.  I'm going to grow this thing hard since creating logos and graphics is my most fun thing to do on my downtime!  Hard part is the marketing, I'm still working on that to the best of my ability shy of paying someone to do it.

See, TeePublic gives the artists 72 hours to promote their wares while they are 30% off, after that it goes full price.  I can already see the shirt market is oversaturated, some even using copywritten art (I saw some Rick and Morty and Sonic the Hedgehog prints.)  Social media and word of mouth is all I have, so even though if someone doesn't want to buy a shirt or mug, they could pass on to someone who might be interested.

Almost started one with Spreadshirt, but the royalty rate is pretty low so I'm giving TeePublic a chance.  There are people who are making pretty decent money, it will take some time and dedication but I hope that I'll get somewhere with this!


In other news, I've almost secured a new place.  I'm moving by the way, seems my landlord jacked up all her rental properties by 20% so it's forced my hand to find a new pad.  Not really was up for it with all the stress in my life as of late, but that's life.  Not sure if I want to do Youtube right now as I'd rather be set up and hopefully long term.

Anyway, that's all for today, take a look at my Tee Public store, eventually there'll be a print you may like!

Until next time.

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