Saturday, May 6, 2017

So how about that Nintendo Switch?


That little system is doing quite well.  Even in my little Walmart here in Nowhere, AZ it's sold out.  If it weren't for my crippling debt I'd have one and still be playing Breath of the Wild.

I think it'll get numbers high, might even outsell the Wii in lifetime sales and up there with PS2... well, maybe not that high.  PS2 sold for over a decade and even still in some parts of the world.  Maybe Switch may exceed Xbox 360.  Now these are all guesses, but I love to guess stuff like this.  Michael Patcher gets paid for saying these sort of things right?

Super Mario Odyssey looks incredible, reminds me of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show as a kid, where Mario and the gang just went around random worlds not at all related to the Mushroom Kingdom thwarting Bowser.  This will be the system's "Galaxy" title.  Hope I'll be able to get one by Christmas this year... but we'll see.

Mario Kart 8 will be a tough sell for me, I played the heck out of it when I had the Wii U but battle mode... ooh, fond memories.   Though I may reconsider.

Breath of the Wild... a Zelda game that's open world where you can literally go anywhere you want.  It does borrow some elements from modern RPGs, it feels like Zelda meets a Bethesda RPG with the gear that wears down, having to make your own items, and the overabundance of exploration and NPCs.  This may be the kind of title that can easily give you 60 hours of solid gameplay.

There are some smaller titles I missed out on like I Am Setsuna and the new Bomberman.  Sadly, I missed out on Shovel Knight but I'd love to get it on the Switch.  

Never really owned a portable game console, always been a console gamer for a long time.  There was never a need to have a handheld, but lately Iife keeps finding ways to keep me away from home as much as possible, perhaps a portable gaming device for those long trips to Vegas or Phoenix will cure boredom (and the battery life, heyo!)

I've always said, Nintendo needs to focus on it's homeland to get third parties back, and little by little win over the western devs.  As you can already see, or well Google Search it, Japanese third party developers are lining up and already announcing games.  JRPGs are making a strong comeback since the death of the Vita.  PS4 is all they have right now, but the Japan work/work/life culture gives older gamers something else to pass the time on long commutes.  Would it be far-fetched to get a PSO switch port?  Loved what little time I spent playing it on the Dreamcast.

I'd ask for an FFXIV port but well... Stormblood demands higher OS and console power.  Maybe that FFXI spinoff that's been in dev hell for the past two years?  If the game is as good as the original, I may end up dropping XIV like a hot potato.  Though nostalgia has steered me wrong before.

Western will be a bit tricky, as while the first party titles will always do well, most AA and just about every AAA are reluctant to release something substantial.  We're still in the era of "everything has to be high budget, high framerate/resolution, hyper realistic" though some games are breaking that trend with the surprise Neir: Automata and Persona 5.  

Speaking of... a Switch Port of Neir, would that even be possible?  I haven't played it.  Haven't had much time to play many games... thanks to student loan debt and medical bills.  
Skyrim special edition running on the switch could mean a possible Fallout... 3/NV port?  FO4 would be tough to pull off, maybe if they cut out the settlement building but I don't see that happening.  Hell, just use the FO3/NV engine and give a new spinoff Fallout.

Overwatch on Switch... hmm... that would be tough to pull off, but would be kind of cool.  Strike while the iron is hot.

Dying Light 2 for Switch?  Maybe a spinoff starring that Jade character, so yeah a prequel.

We're going to get a Smash Bros... but something tells me it's going to be a port of the Wii U game, DLC and all.  I just wish they'd at least add a real single player mode with a storyline. 

Going to stop here, if you have any ideas feel free to leave a comment below! 

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