Saturday, June 10, 2017

Glendemonium Prints on!

Indeed, I was approved a few days ago and already starting uploading prints.  I'm going to leave TeeNation behind and focus my efforts on the merch I have on

Don't forget about my first book "Creeper High", which is free for Kindle Unlimited users.

I know, some folks are rather uneasy about my selling out, but this is entrepreneurship 101.  I'm trying to grow my internet business.  I've been going forward with some small projects here and there, needing that supplemental income.


In other news, FFXIV Stormblood comes out next Friday.  Man, oh man I can't wait though It's going to really hinder up my packing/cleaning/job hunting/hustling if I let it.

I've dusted off my Linkedin and Indeed and sending out resumes to just about any place in the Western part of the US.  Perhaps I'm limiting myself and should go further east past Texas.  I'm trying to find Web Developement work, break away from my stressful dead end job.  My boss was nice enough to try to get me in to his brother's company out in Vegas, not sure if that will pan out.

I do have a job interview at the local community college in over a week, they have an opening for catalog publishing, it might have something my skills can help with otherwise they may not of considered me for an interview and the job pays more than what I make now.  This may be my plan B if I can't find web development work, but on the flip side I could stay in Kingman for a bit longer if this job sustains me, I'll have to live very modestly so I can pay off some bills and save money.

Plan C is that I'd be taking a HUGE risk of leaving town, possibly the state for cities that have work where my skillset will be of some use.  Lots of folks online are talking me out of it, and I can't blame them.  I'm going with very little to my name and 3k at least.  Honestly considered living out of my car until I find any form of work to sustain me until I get the dev job.

The HR game sucks though, so many bloated requirements for entry level positions and the competition has gotten rough thanks to all these bootcamps but my BA and my experience in game development gives me a bit of an edge, that and I'm using Github as a resume of sorts.  


I do have a plan for all this internet business stuff, is that my next big goal is to travel cross country.  With passive income that would keep me afloat I'd by a large van or even an RV and just travel and take a long overdue vacation from the rat race.

Until then, I have to keep up the hustle.

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